Education & training services for women



Moving On Programme (Women's Health & Family Services and Challenger TAFE)


The Moving On Programme was developed in partnership with Challenger TAFE. The Programme assists at-risk women to gain education and employment. It provides Women in Leadership courses (Certificate 1 to Certificate 4) on the premises at Womens Health and Family Services, to enable women to access education whilst feeling safe and in close roximity to their counsellors. The programme was initially designed for women at risk or experiencing domestic violence, but since 2012 has been available to all female clients of Women's Health & Family Services.


For more information please contact:

Telephone: 6330 5400


New Opportunities for Women (NOW)


The Certificate I in New Opportunities for Women (NOW) is a general education program that is intended to provide women with the knowledge, skills and support they require to explore future options regarding entering or re-entering the workforce, vocational training and further education.


NOW is offered at:

West Coast Institute in Joondalup

General Enquiries & Student Services

Telephone: 1300 134 881



Durack Institute of Technology  (Carnarvon, Exmouth, Geraldton)

Contact Details

Geraldton Campus

Street: 175 Fitzgerald St, Geraldton WA

Post:    Locked Bag 103, Geraldton WA 6531

Tel:      (08) 9956 2700

Toll Free: 1800 672 700

Fax:      (08) 9921 7705



Batavia Coast Maritime Institute

Street:   Willcock Drive, Separation Point WA

Post:      Locked Bag 103, Geraldton WA 6531

Tel:        (08) 9956 6175

Fax:       (08) 9921 7705



Carnarvon Campus

Street: 6 Camel Lane, Carnarvon WA

Post:    PO Box 961, Carnarvon WA 6701

Tel:      (08) 9941 0100

Fax:     (08) 9941 0170



Exmouth Campus

Street: 5 Pellew Street, Exmouth WA

Post:    PO Box 32, Exmouth WA 6707

Tel:      (08) 9949 2624

Fax:     (08) 9949 2278



Wiluna Campus

Street: Mudjon Street, Wiluna WA

Post:    PO Box 45, Wiluna WA 6646

Tel:      (08) 9956 2881

Fax:     (08) 9921 7705



Central Institute of Technology (Leederville Campus)


Telephone: 1300 300 822



Challenger Institute of Technology

Tel: 1800 001 001


Schools providing classes for pregnant and parenting young people and onsite child care


There are schools and centres in Western Australia that provide an opportunity for pregnant and parenting young people to attend classes and some have access to onsite child care.


Balga Senior High School, Child Care Centre and Young Parents Program

This service is for teenage parents attending Balga Senior High School and their children. The child care centre is located on the school site and the Balga SHS Young Parents Program caters specifically for pregnant and parenting young people.

P: 9247 0222 or 9343 6038

 2 Markham Way, Balga


Challenger Institute, Young, Pregnant and Very Excited

 A youth and parenting program.

P: 9239 8267


Eyes Wide Open

An off site program for pregnant and parenting young people run by John Tonkin College (formerly Mandurah Senior College), Mandurah.

P: 9538 7373


Mum’s the Word

Supports pregnant and parenting young people in the Albany area by providing an educational program through SIDE, a study supervisor and a crèche.

P: 9841 8254


Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE)

SIDE supports pregnant and parenting young people throughout WA to continue with their education by enabling them to enrol in lower and senior secondary courses and thus combine parenting and study commitments.

164-194 Oxford Street, Leederville

P: 9242 6300


Trinity Learning Centre (Uniting Care West)

Trinity Learning Centre supports pregnant and parenting teenage women who are enrolled in secondary studies through SIDE and/or TAFE.

16 Sunbury Road, Victoria Park

P: 1300 663 298