Community-based women's health services


Services for women, provided by women 

Not-for-profit community-based women’s health and community services have developed models of service customised to the particular needs of women in their various target groups and communities. Collectively, they contribute to providing the most complete and accessible service possible within existing resources. By integrating health services with non-medical services and programs; such as mental health services; family and domestic violence services; alcohol and other drug services; legal, psycho-social and education services; and parenting support and children’s services, women’s centres achieve a service model that delivers good outcomes for disadvantaged women.

Women’s health needs stem from a range of social and economic factors, health risks and differences which vary according to where and how women live and where they are from. There are also health issues faced by vulnerable sub-groups of women that require targeted work by services engaging with, focusing on, and being responsive to them. The aim of the women’s health centres is to improve the health and wellbeing of Western Australian women, with an emphasis on those most vulnerable. Women’s health centres operate from a social model of health and acknowledge gender as a key determinant of health. 

Fremantle Women’s Health Centre

Goldfield's Women's Health Care Centre

Hedland Well Women's Centre

Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Centre

Midland Women’s Health Care Place

Ngunytju Tjitji Pirni (NTP) women’s and children’s services

Nintirri Women’s Health Services

South Coastal Women's Health Service

South West Women’s Health & Information Centre

Women’s Health & Family Services

Women’s Health Resource Centre

Women's Health and Wellbeing Services


Sexual assault services



Sexual Assualt Resource Centre (SARC)



Community-based services for women


Alcohol and/or other drug services

Community services

Education services

Family and domestic violence services

Housing & homelessness services

Pregnancy support services

Prison services for women (in or exiting prison)

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