Women in Western Australia 


Welcome to the Women's Community Health Network's research hub. WCHN  recognises the value of  research in providing an evidence base for change in policy and practice to improve outcomes for women across the social determinants of health (gender, gender equity, violence against women, economic security, housing, access to services, employment and education). The Women’s Community Health Network values the network of researchers who contribute to and support the work of service providers and professionals and we are equally committed to facilitating the work of researchers to foster knowledge exchange and transfer.

The purpose of the research hub is to bring together research with a focus on women in Western Australia. The research hub will be continuallyup-dated. If you would like to submit an article of research to be included in the research hub, or know of research that you think should be included, please contact Alison at Email address: aevans@wchnwa.org.au

This central point to access information on women’s physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health issues and the social determinants of women’s health is COMING SOON!