Monthly Update from the Women's Community Health Network WA

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The December Monthly Update from the Women’s Community Health Network WA

Inside this issue:

  • A measure of trust
  • FDVRO investigation report        
  • Protecting children is everyone’s business
  • Change the story            
  • Children’s rights report 2015      
  • Violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability          
  • State of knowledge paper on perpetrator interventions in Australia       
  • Domestic and family violence and homelessness             
  • 1800Respect Frontline Workers Toolkit 
  • Improving Access to and Service Delivery for Disadvantaged Women     
  • Respectful Relationships Education        
  • Research into attitudes that can lead to violence against women              
  • Domestic violence: Issues and policy challenges
  • A high price to pay: The economic case for preventing violence against women 
  • Workplace Responses to Domestic and Family Violence
  • The role children's toys and entertainment play in creating a culture of gender inequality
  • 2015 WGEA data launch: small steps in the right direction
  • 3rd World Conference of Women’sShelters

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