Latest Update from the Women's Community Health Network WA

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The latest issue includes:

  • Unplanned pregnancy counselling and pregnancy termination: are women accessing the services they need? 
  • The health of Australia’s females
  • Mental health, sexual identity, and interpersonal violence: Findings from the Australian longitudinal Women’s health study
  • Supporting and enabling women beyond five-year post-settlement
  • Contesting family-based violence: sole parenting possibilities
  • Seeking help for domestic and family violence in regional, rural, and remote areas
  • Whatever it takes: Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services 
  • The post-separation journey of women who have experienced intimate partner violence
  • Elder abuse report ignores impact on people’s health
  • Serving Up Inequality: how sex and gender impact women's relationship with food: Issues Paper                      
  • Violence Against Young Women in Non-urban Areas of Australia: A Scoping Review                                           
  • New research highlights high rates of self-harm among Australian teenagers
  • ABS ‘victims of crime’ figures
  • Two in five pregnant women don’t receive care in the first trimester 
  • Community, Respect & Equality (CRE) Project       

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