Opportunities for Early Intervention: Bringing perpetrators of family violence into view – 2015 Centre for Innovative Justice, RMIT University

Found in: Resources on violence against women and girls

This Report turns the spotlight on perpetrators of family violence. In doing so, it calls for earlier and more proactive intervention. It identifies opportunities to be more proactive and promotes the potential of the justice system to be an active and involved participant that can, for example, monitor a perpetrator’s behaviour; bring him back to court to account for his commitments; make sure he is known to relevant service agencies; address related addiction, mental health or accommodation problems; and identify whatever stake he may have in becoming a safer man. The report promotes perpetrator accountability and our collective responsibility to address the violence perpetrated against women and children The Report recommends a series of interventions including:

  • Harnessing the opportunity that contact with the justice system presents to step in effectively at the earliest stage;
  • Using  callouts to police as opportunities to apply appropriate criminal or civil justice response, and to make referrals to a range of other services such as crisis accommodation;
  • Harnessing the potential of a court appearance to connect perpetrators to early referral and treatment,
  • Applying swift and reliable sanctions and bringing perpetrators back for ongoing monitoring and assessment before the court;
  • Using Corrections systems more effectively to monitor offenders while they are in the community; and
  • Intervening more proactively in the intergenerational transmission of family violence.

Overall, the report’s recommendations are about removing the burden from victims of family violence and placing it squarely on the system.

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