The Budget through a Gender Lens

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The Budget through a Gender Lens

 25th May, 2015

The National Foundation of Australian Women has again taken up the task of analysing the implications of the Budget through a gender lens. It has been the practice since 1984 for Federal Governments to produce a Women’s Budget Statement as one element of the official Budget Papers. In 2014 this practice ceased. This year the NFAW report

The reason for applying a gender lens remains compelling. Examining the potentially differential impacts of policies and their outcomes for men and for women, and whether the consequences of policies, intended or unintended, may adversely impact on women is essential to good planning and practice.

 The absence of necessary detail required for a thorough analysis of government decisions in the Budget Papers and the lack of transparency in the Budget documents is concerning. In relation to family and domestic violence, for example. It is very difficult to know what is new money and what is old money rebadged. This is why the (non-politically aligned) National Foundation for Australian Women, has teamed up with experts such as Professor Marian Baird, Dr Helen Hodgson and Dr Kathy MacDermott, to provide a detailed analysis of the 2015-2016 Federal Budget through a gender lens.

The report identifies a number of policies in the 2015-2016 Budget that will differentially impact women. Consequently it makes a number of substantive recommendations in relation to taxation, health, social services, housing, families, employment, violence against women and education and training.

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