Older Women’s Risk of Homelessness

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Older Women’s Risk of Homelessness

Disturbingly, older women continue to be the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians, prompting the Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson to release a report to raise awareness and reverse the trend.

Older Women’s Risk of Homelessness: Background Paper details the distinct housing issues facing women as they age and aims to generate discussion and encourage the development of solutions to reduce women’s risk of homelessness as they age.

Older women—those aged 55 and over—was the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians between 2011 and 2016, increasing by 31%.

According to this research, limited services are available for older women who are renting, working and have modest savings. It is likely this trend will continue given the ongoing shortage of affordable housing, the ageing population and cumulative economic disadvantage experienced by women.

Older women’s circumstances vary with respect to their assets, income and capacity to work. A range of solutions is needed to assist them to achieve housing security and sustain it through retirement. This paper argues for engagement across sectors to develop practical solutions—from property, finance and business, through to governments, community housing and philanthropy.

Older women’s risk of homelessness: background paper [Report]