Gender transformative practice to achieve gender transformative change

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Gender transformative practice to achieve gender transformative change

Gender transformative practice is the work undertaken – using a gender transformative approach– towards achieving gender transformative change. A gender transformative approach seeks to challenge the causes of gender inequality and strengthen actions that support gender equality within a given context.

A gender transformative approach is not a prescriptive set of actions, but rather a way of conceptualising how the problem of gender inequality in our society is identified and addressed. A gender transformative approach is possible in every situation, though its application will vary depending on the context.

Key elements of gender transformative practice include:

  • A focus on both individual and structural forms of inequality
  • The understanding that gender transformative practice is a process and that it is relative and context-specific
  • Seeking to challenge binary ways of thinking
  • Practitioners taking the time to recognise ‘the practitioner in the practice’

Effective gender transformative practice at practitioner or program level is more likely in organisations and workplaces that foster and embed gender transformative practice at an organisational level. This Knowledge Paper explores the key elements of ‘gender transformative practice’ and how these can be applied by specialist practitioners and organisations working to create gender transformative change to prevent violence against women and family violence.

The paper aims to support practitioners to develop and enhance the critical thinking and reflection skills needed to apply a gender transformative lens to their current and future work.

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