Domestic violence in Australia - Finance and Public Administration References Committee

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Domestic violence in Australia - Finance and Public Administration References Committee

20 August 2015

On 26 June 2014, the Senate referred the following matters to the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee for inquiry and report by 27 October 2014:

(a) the prevalence and impact of domestic violence in Australia as it affects

all Australians and, in particular, as it affects:

(i) women living with a disability, and

(ii) women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds;

(b) the factors contributing to the present levels of domestic violence;

(c) the adequacy of policy and community responses to domestic violence;

(d) the effects of policy decisions regarding housing, legal services, and

women's economic independence on the ability of women to escape

domestic violence;

(e) how the Federal Government can best support, contribute to and drive

the social, cultural and behavioural shifts required to eliminate violence

against women and their children; and

(f) any other related matters.

The report makes an important contribution to community awareness of the challenges, collective effort and commitment required to prevent and ultimately eliminate domestic and family violence. The committee recommend that the report be read in conjunction with the large body of work completed and underway in this area, including the report by the Queensland Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence, the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, along with the work of COAG and the Second Action Plan. The committee is of the view that for all the work being undertaken to have real and lasting effects, there must be a sustained effort at all levels of government to act to prevent the unacceptable level of violence against women and their children.

Submissions, additional information, an interim report and the Hansard transcript of evidence may be accessed through the committee website.

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