Cuts to paid parental leave

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Cuts to paid parental leave

August 2015

Nurses, ambulance service workers, teachers and retail workers will be hit hard by proposed cuts to paid parental leave – a new report commissioned by YWCA Australia and Fair Agenda has revealed. The analysis from the Women and Work Group at University of Sydney shows that workers in these jobs can expect to lose between $4,329 and $11,826.

According to the report, the cuts will have negative impacts on income and may force mothers to return to work earlier than is recommended for health and welfare outcomes, or push them to drop out of the workforce entirely.

Co-author of the report, Dr Marian Baird, argues that women are already “facing an 18.8% pay gap nationally, and we know that economic disparities in women and men’s working lives often start at motherhood.” She says, “this cut will reduce the support available to women who work, and we can expect it will also force many new mums to leave their babies earlier than experts say is good for health and welfare outcomes.”

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