Women's Community Health Network WA - Monthly Update

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Inside this issue:

  • Launch of the Safe Systems Coalition
  • Close the gap not maternity Services
  • Domestic Violence Units and Health Justice Partnerships begin to roll out nationally
  • Teenage mothers at greater risk of partner violence
  • Why is sexual assault still often missing from the focus on violence against women?
  • Suicide prevention needs to target women too
  • The incarceration of women due to drug offences are indicated as the second most common crime in all jurisdictions
  • How child support can better help single mothers
  • Gender responsive budgeting and its cost benefits
  • Promising Practices in Workplace and Organisational Approaches for the Prevention of Violence Against Women
  • Free access papers & reports
  • Enhancing maternity data collection and reporting in Australia: National Maternity Data Development Project Stage 2
  • #girlsmakeyourmove for the rest of your lives

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