The latest from the Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety

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The latest from the Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety


National consultation on data diversity: ANROWS recently began a project on improving data on the diverse experiences of family and domestic violence and sexual assault for Indigenous women, women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and women with disabilities. Stakeholder consultations have now commenced across Australia. As part of this project ANROWS will recommend ways to improve diversity data to inform the development of the National Plan's Third Action Plan. The research is a response to Action 25 of the Second Action Plan. The project has to be completed by January 2016.

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Coming soon - Perpetrator Intervention Research Stream – Research is being undertaken in response to the increasing focus on perpetrator programs (due to an increased focus on perpetrator accountability). However, and importantly, there is a lack of conclusive evidence regarding best-practice and other effective forms of intervention other than MBCPs. The research will also focus on issues such as workforce skills and capacity.