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16 April 2015

Gender inequality – The root cause of violence against women

Australian women’s organisations signed a joint open letter to the Prime Minister calling for stepped up funding and leadership to address the root cause of violence against women, gender inequality.

The call, from 62 organisations, came ahead of COAG meeting, where the agenda will address the problem of violence against women at a national level.

The National Plan to End Violence Against Women and their Children (National Plan), which has bipartisan support, recognises that a comprehensive, coordinated and strategic  approach to ending violence against women is needed that incorporates primary prevention and specialist frontline services.

Long-term and adequate resourcing of women’s specialist violence and related services (including health, counselling, housing, legal and advocacy services) will enable better outcomes for women who present in crisis and with complex needs.

The 62 signatories also call on the Australian Government to reconsider the allocation of a $30 million awareness-raising campaign to ensure that primary violence prevention programming is embedded within primary and secondary schools.