ABS ‘victims of crime’ figures

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ABS ‘victims of crime’ figures

The ABS recently released its 2016 ‘victims of crime’ figures, showing WA with 5 years of continuous increase in the number of sexual assault victims, and 3 years of continuous increase in the rate of victimisation.

The release also lists a 5 year continuous increase in sexual assault numbers nationally, to reach the highest level in 7 years (there is an interactive slider you can drag to see the change each year on the web page here).

The release includes information on FDV-related crimes, with FDV-related assault showing a 12% rise in the rate of victimisation in WA – more here.

There is also a general WA page here that notes that assault victimisation numbers increased by 10% in 2016, to reach the highest level since recording began in 2010. Three in five victims of assault in WA are female, and the page includes a good chart comparing assault by gender and age to show where need/ risk occurs.