She Speaks Report 2014

Found in: Gender equity resources

The survey from YWCA and report from the Institute of Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland reveal that negative gender-based stereotypes damage young women’s working lives, their sense of self, their safety in relationships, and their leadership capacity.

She Speaks participants identified:

  • The importance of acces to free or inexpensive healthcare and sexual healthcare
  • Experiencing sexism and media pressure and social expectations to conform to certain, sometimes unhealthy, body images
  • Experiencing discrimination in general  

The Report reveals that young women are worried about the price they might pay for having children: lost promotions, lack of flexible return to work, and the impact on superannuation and retirement income. They are also worried about the high cost of childcare.

While young women’s leadership aspirations are strong, the majority of She Speaks participants believe that women are discriminated against and that gender equality has not been achieved. According to 79% of She Speaks participants, gender-based stereotypes had an impact on their day-to-day life.

Violence against women was also identified by a majority of participants as an issue affecting their daily lives. A significant number of participants (34%) report receiving uninvited and unwanted indecent and/or sexually explicit texts/phone calls/messages.

She Speaks Report

Snapshot of the She Speaks Report