2014 Gender Bias Review Report - Women Lawyers of Western Australia

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The 2014 20th Anniversary Review of the 1994 Chief Justice's Gender Bias Taskforce Report (2014 Review Report) is the culmination of over 3 years of work investigating and documenting the extent to which gender bias exists in the law and the administration of justice in Western Australia today.This work was undertaken through WLWA's 20th Anniversary Review Project, which commenced in 2011 with a view to delivering the findings in 2014.

 The broad Terms of Reference for the Project were as follows:

1. To review the extent to which the recommendations made in the 1994 Report of the Chief Justice's Taskforce on Gender Bias (the 1994 Report) have been implemented.

2. To the extent that any recommendations in the 1994 Report have not been implemented, to investigate and make recommendations in relation to whether, and if so how, those recommendations may now be implemented.

3. To investigate the extent to which gender bias continues to exist in the law and the administration of justice in Western Australia, and to make recommendations for its elimination.

4. To consult with such government agencies, organisations, groups or persons as the Steering Committee thinks fit in relation to these matters.

The Report reveals that gender bias issues continue to prevent women from participating fully in the community and accessing the law and justice system.

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